How to Subscribe to the 1491 Channel

We are pleased to announce that the 1491 TV series is now available world-wide on the “1491 Channel” on Vimeo. This 24/7 streaming channel has all 8 episodes as well as other Indigenous documentaries. The subscription fee is $14.91 for one year. You can subscribe to the 1491 channel at



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  1. Good Evening, I am Lisa Rodriguez. I am creator and originator of the 6th Annual Native Film Series that is a community showing of films of your content. I was given your information from Melissa Bisagni from the National American Indian Association in NY. Is your series able to be viewed publicly. I am interested in Episode 1 and 2 for one showing and Episode 3 and 4 for one showing.
    Our audience are all travelers and visiting to our community that come to Gallup, NM to experience authentic storytelling, witness ceremonial dancing, be apart of Native American traditions and see the most spectacular arts and crafts known to Native Americans. Our event is the “Kickoff Event”of the 97th Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial, the oldest of its kind in New Mexico. The showing would take place at the Historic Downtown El Morro Theatre which is located right next to our nightly dances that happen throughout the 10 day event.

  2. Hi Lynn.
    Thanks for your message. Unfortunately we had to stop selling DVDs from our website because our education distributor in Canada was losing a lot of sales universities, libraries and schools. We are still selling memberships to the 1491 Channel for $35 a year. You can subscribe through out website at or on our Vimeo channel at

    hannel. If you’re in Canada, you can watch 1491 on the APTN channel or on their website at Hope this helps. All the best, Barbara Hager

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