TEN THOUSAND NATIONS by 1491 Director/Writer Coming this Fall

Miigwetch to all of you who pre-ordered a copy of TEN THOUSAND NATIONS. We planned to release the book on June 21, but unfortunately our original printer was forced to close their plant for a few months, and they are now backlogged with printing jobs through the next 6 weeks. We searched for another printer, but we can’t find one that can offer the same price and quality for a book with the number of colour photos that ours includes. So we are sadly delaying the release of the book until the fall. If you have pre-ordered a copy of the book, you’ll be receiving a sneak preview of Ten Thousand Nations the near future. It will be a pdf of the first chapter and a link to the video that is the inspiration for the first fictional scene in the book. Thank you for your patience during this challenging time. ❤️




Ten Thousands Nations explores Indigenous perspectives on the human history of the Americas before the arrival of European colonizers in 1492 in a way that has never been down in a book before. It will be the story of OUR history, rather than the observations of non-Indigenous scholars and scientists who are well intentioned, but do not have a cultural connection to our ancestors or their motivations and experiences. While we also did not observe our ancestors who lived 500 – 20,000 years ago, we do carry within the cultural authority to reflect on their lives, dreams, hopes and fears.

As the writer and director of the 1491 TV series, I had the privilege of interviewing 30 leading Indigenous scholars and knowledge keepers on a wide range of topics relating to Indigenous pre-contact history. I also wrote 20 historical drama scenes based on extensive research and consultation with Indigenous communities. In Ten Thousand Nations, I have woven together a narrative of pre-contact Indigenous societies in North and South America by drawing on those interviews, oral histories and my first hand experience directing and writing the 1491 series in Indigenous communities in South, Central and North America. Ten Thousand Nations is a window into pre-contact history as told by the descendants of the original peoples of the Americas.

Barbara Todd Hager, Author


Barbara Todd Hager (Métis/Cree) is the author of two non-fiction books – Honour Song (Raincoast Books, 1996) and On Her Way (Berkley/Penguin, 1998). Her experience writing and researching ancient and contemporary Indigenous societies includes seven years as the producer, writer and director on the 1491 series, director and writer of four Indigenous TV series and documentaries (150 episodes), and five years as the Aboriginal Liaison at the Royal BC Museum. Barbara has written for the Globe and Mail, Indian Artist, Métis and Chatelaine.


Ten Thousand Nations: Indigenous Reflections on the Americas before Contact (Aarrow Press, 2020) is a non-fiction book by Barbara Todd Hager, the writer and director of the award winning docu-drama series 1491: The Untold Story of the Americas Before Columbus. Ten Thousand Nations will be released in late Summer 2020.


The 1491 Channel is an HD streaming site that includes all eight 1491 episodes and several other Indigenous documentaries directed by Barbara Todd Hager including Down2Earth (Indigenous environmental series), Truth Dance and Reconciliation (documentary about the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s residential school ballet “Going Home Star”) and From Bella Coola to Berlin (documentary about the journey of nine Indigenous men from Bella Coola to performed in zoos and theatres in Germany in 1885).

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